Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Civil Rights Lawyer John Burris On Why He Supports Kamala Harris for President

   Not too long ago, former California Attorney General and San Francisco,
District Attorney, Kamala Harris formally announced her candidacy for
President of the United States on Martin Luther King Day.  Following her
announcement the New York Times ran a story seeming to suggest that
Ms. Harris may not be suitable for that office because according to that piece
Ms. Harris took "unprogressive views or positions" during her tenure as
Attorney General and District Attorney. That piece was published on
January 17th, 2019. On January 29th, 2019 that paper published yet another
article entitled "Can Kamala Harris Repeat Obama's Success With Black
Voters ?  Its Complicated"

   Oakland/San Francisco's high profile civil rights lawyer, John Burris, has built
a solid reputation of defending the civil and constitutional rights of individuals who
are the victims of police malpractice and abuse.  Without question - Mr. Burris is the
go-to-lawyer for individuals whose civil and constitutional rights have been violated
by state-actors in the Bay Area.

   John Burris has voiced strong support for Ms. Harris' candidacy as President
recently.  I hope to soon share with you Mr. Burris' insight and thoughts on why
Kamal Harris is the President America needs at this time in its tortured and troubled history.

E.J. Guiste is a rights litigation lawyer based in the Greater Toronto Area.