Friday, October 22, 2010

I had a dream: A law to protect women and children

I had a horrible dream the other night. It was in fact a very disturbing nightmare. I dreamt that Russell Williams, Robert Picton, Paul Bernardo, Clifford Olsen, and Ted Bundy were men of African descent - aka - Black. In my dream the government took drastic and draconian action and passed leglislation "designed to protect women and children." The legislation provided for the following:

An Act to Protect Women and Children:

Whereas emperical evidence demonstrates that men of African
descent present a clear and present danger to women and children
and that less intrusive means have proven to be ineffective in
remedying this pressing and serious social problem the
legislature hereby passes the within enactment. The following
is a summary of this law:

1. Segregation -men of African descent shall be banned
from owning property unless the government provides
express authorization;

2. Identification - all men of african descent convicted
of a designated sex crime or homocide shall be branded
with a P on their foreheads;

3. Identification - all men of african descent shall carry
a state issued i.d. card which they must show to police
on demand;

4. Incarceration - all men of african descent convicted
of a designated crime shall be jailed for life with no
chance of parole until their death.

I was quite relieved to wake up and find that this was all a dream. However, it has forced me to think about the following pressing questions:

1. Are law and policy makers doing enough to protect
women and children from the likes of Williams, Bernardo
Olsen, Pickton, and Bundy ?

2. Would the response be different if these men were Black ?

3. How does the budget dedicated to guns and gangs compare
to the budget dedicated to protection of women and children ?

What do you think ?

NOTE: This piece is written for the sole purpose of encouraging debate on a matter of public importance. Democracy works best when ideas are freely exchanged.

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