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I am currently involved in a case with the Toronto East General Hospital as a result of their dismissal of a 24 year employee who was the Manager of their Birthing Centre based on what they call a 360 Degree Assessment conducted in May, 2004. The hospital maintains that she received a negative assessment from her supervisor and peers and proceeded to dismiss her 'without cause" but insisted that she sign a release acknowledging that her rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code were not violated. The hospital maintains that all of the inputs from these evaluators have been destroyed in accordance with their practice. My client disputes that her performance was sub-standard and has suffered damages to her health and her reputation in her profession.


1. Have you any knowledge or familiarity with the 360 Degree Assessment
process at Toronto East General Hospital ?

2. Have you been dismissed from Toronto East General Hospital as a result
of a 360 Degree Assessment ? or know anyone who was ?

3. Did you work at Toronto East General Hospital's Birthing Centre
between May 31st, 2004 and July 5th, 2005 ?


I require this information in order for me to demonstrate that my client was wronged when dismissed by the Toronto East General Hospital because the 360 Degree Assessment was not used in the manner in which it was designed to be used by the consultants who introduced it to them - KEMERER GROUP INC. FORMERLY RICHARD KEMERER @ ASSOICIATES and was indeed an invalid indicator with respect to her job performance.


Anyone with information is asked to contact: Ernest J. Guiste - (416)364-8908 - E mail: or

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