Saturday, May 12, 2012

Obama's Support of Gay Marriage Brings America Forward

History shows us that America has been slow to live up and bring to fruition for all of its citizens the constitutional rights that have made it the envy of the world to many. It was not very long ago indeed that African-Americans were subjected to aparthaid-like conditions in the south. Images of police, firefighters and other state and local para-military officials violently repressing peaceful and unarmed African-Americans with dogs and water-canons are permanently imprinted in the consciousness of many of us who observed them. How could such repression be taking place in country that has such an advanced legal system with a written constituion which speaks to equality and the rule of law asked many observers the world over. However, America's history also shows us that it is engaged in a continous process of self-evaluation and change. Where legalized segregation of the races was the norm yesterday, such state sanctioned laws are now seen by most to be inconsistent with the gurantees of equality guranteed by the constituion. President Obama's recent support of gay marriage is a splendid example of this continous process of self-evaluation and change. Clearly, there is no justifiable reason for the state to prohibit gay marriage. President Obama's support of gay marriage strengthens America by showing the world that America practices what it preaches - Change ! It is a difficult task to bring change to the rest of the world when you are incapable of self-evaluation and change.

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