Monday, August 13, 2012

Christine Sinclair - More Than an Elite Althlete

                              "Unthinking respect for authority
                                is the greatest enemy of truth."

     The above-noted quote from none other than Albert Einstein caputures the essence of why Christine Sinclair was a fitting candidate to be Canada's flag-bearer during the closing ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics yesterday.  Individuals who stand up and speak their mind on issues of fairness and social justice are rare.  History shows us that it is those individuals who are almost always the ones responsible for progressive social change.  Althletes who are prepared to speak up on issues of fairness and social justice are perhaps even rarer still.  The vast majority of us would prefer to go along with the status quo  however morally reprehensible that status quo may be because it is secure. It is that yearning for security that impeades us from standing up and taking action in circumstances like the Sandusky/Penn State affair.  The late Joe Paterno understood that bringing the crimes he had knowledge of to the attention of the authorities had a price.  For him and for most individuals in society that price is too high a cost for them to commit and do the right thing.

     Christine Sinclair - through the courage she displayed in speaking out on what she and many others around the world saw as a pattern and practice of unfair and questionable officiating in FIFA regulated soccer - has elevated herself to a class of elite human beings.  It is one thing to be on top of your game. Christine Sinclair is clearly on top of her game.  However, to be on top of your game and have the courage to stand up - speak one's mind - in an effort to bring about change - regardless of the cost - is what puts Ms. Sinclair in that elite class of human beings.   

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