Friday, October 26, 2012

Police Reports on Christie Pits Suspect Raises Questions

   According to media reports Toronto Police claim that prior to the arrest on or about October 22nd, 2012 they were monitoring the movements of the charged young person.  If this is true - it suggests that Toronto Police were aware of the suspect's age prior to his arrest.  In addition, media reports quote police sources as suggesting that Toronto Police Service officials were in contact with police officials in another jurisdiction in and around September, 2012 when the suspect is said to have made a visit there.  According to one media report of October 24th, 2012 Toronto Police officials "alerted" those police officials of the pending visit by the young person.  This news report seems to suggest that the purpose of the young person's visit was connected to his uncle - the person said to be responsible for the young person - telling him "to keep a low profile."

   The above noted information - which must have originated from the Toronto Police Service raises the following very important questions:

- When and how did Toronto Police officials first become aware of the alleged young person suspect ?
- What were the factual circumstances in which the female officers "put themselves in harms way" to bring
about the arrest ?
- Were female police officers used as "bait" and how far did they go to entice ?
- It is suggested that police alerted another jurisdiction about the young person.  This suggests they knew his name and particulars.  How did they get this and when - since the young person is said to have no crimimal record.
- The media report referenced above quotes the uncle as stating he told him to "keep a low profile".  What is the source of that information ?
- Assuming the police alert story to be true - was it lawful ?
- Why did police officials release the information regarding the "alert" story ?

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