Sunday, March 2, 2014

"RBC Has No Public Washroom Facilities" - Manager Client Care

     On Friday, February 28th, 2014 I limped into the RBC branch at Jane Street and Alliance in Toronto and used the automated banking machine to deposit two cheques.  During the transaction I had a compelling urge to urinate.  I hastened my transaction and hobbled over to an African-Canadian woman who appeared to me to hold some level of authority in the bank.  I was on crutches having injured my right leg last Wednesday.

     I asked the RBC staffer politely for me to have access to a washroom.  Her reply shocked me.  She told me that RBC does not have public washrooms.  RBC's washrooms are only for employees due to "security reasons".  I explained to her that this was not true based on my personal experience since I was permitted to use the washroom at the Hurontario and Countycourt Boulevard branch some months ago.

     The RBC staffer politely directed me with my crutches and all to limp across the street and use the public washroom at Tim Hortons.  I felt at the time that this was most unacceptable and I politely asked her for her business card and I provided her with mine.  Ironically, the card she provided me displays the name of Tanya Edwards, Manager Client Care.


     Tim Hortons has public washrooms for its customers.  Walmart has public washrooms for its customers.
Staples has public washrooms for its customers.  My law office has public washrooms for my clients.  RBC sells financial services to the public which includes mortgages, RRSPs and other investment products which often require their customers to be in their branches for periods of time which would make it sensible, convenient and necessary to have public washrooms for these customers.  RBC from what I understand is a highly profitable company with a lot of disposable money.  If this is the manner in which one of our largest and most successful corporate institutions manages client care they seriously need to reevaluate their client care mission.  This example tells me in no uncertain terms that RBC has failed to consider client needs in their business plan.  I would love to see the job description which accompanies Ms. Edward's position of Manager Client Care.  RBC can do better as a corporate leader I say.  What do you say ?

Note:  This piece is written for the sole purpose of drawing attention to an issue of public importance.  RBC ought to have public washrooms for its clients and especially those who have physical disabilities.  Democracy and the marketplace is best served with a free exchange of ideas.


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