Friday, September 25, 2015

Termination of Employment in Violation of Human Rights Statutes: We Protect Your Legal Rights and Get Results

Ernest J. Guiste has represented several employees over the past twenty years who have been dismissed in circumstances where their rights under the Human Rights Code and similar federal legislation have been violated.

Guiste's passionate and creative brand of advocacy has resulted in some cutting-edge results for his clients, including:

1.   The reinstatement of a dismissed probationary police officer after 7 years with compensation;

2.   An offer of reinstatement, compensation and the passing of comprehensive religious accommodation policy for health professionals at Markham Stoufville Hospital;

3.   Settlements on behalf of pregnant women dismissed from their employment;

4.   Settlements on behalf of  women who have been the victims of sexual harassment;

5.   Settlements on behalf of men who have been wrongly accused and dismissed for sexual harassment.

Should you find yourself in any of these circumstances.  Give us a call.  We would be pleased to have a look at your situation.  E.J. GUISTE Professional Corporation - 416 364-8908

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