Friday, October 9, 2015

Truth can be Subverted, Perverted, Distorted but never Destroyed !

Not long ago the late Chief Justice Bora Laskin could
not get an articling position in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
because he was a Jew.

The late Chief Justice Bora Laskin went on to be
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and
one of the most respected and influencial jurists in
not only Canada but the Commonwealth.

Not long ago Irish-Catholic lawyers in Toronto were
not welcome in mainstream firms in Toronto and had
to establish their own.

Not long ago the Legislature of the Province of Ontario
had to pass a law in order that Delos R. Davis, a man
of African-Canadian racial background could become
a lawyer.

Not long ago signs in public places in Toronto, New York
and elsewhere in North America proudly proclaimed:

No Jews !

No Irish !

No Catholics !

No Negros !

Our society's record on discrimination and bigotry is there for all to see.
We will either overcome or we will all fail !  

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