Sunday, May 1, 2016

Lack of Transparency in S.I.U. Operations and Failure to Disclose Loku Report Indefensible

     The Ontario Government's refusal to fully disclose the S.I. U report into the death of Andrew Loku is plain and simply indefensible in a free and democratic society governed by The Rule of Law. Rather than taking this opportunity to promote racial equality by "putting their money where their mouth is" the Government of Ontario has consciously and deliberately elected to maintain the status quo and follow the path of history.

     History shows us that what is fair and just is almost always resisted by governments of the day. Here are a few examples:  Apartheid in South Africa; the vote for women - even in Ontario; Civil rights for African-Americans and Equality and fairness for Canada's Aboriginal Peoples.  Each and everyone of these events/social conditions were likewise resisted by the governments of their day.

     The Ontario Government's position on the Loku Report and civilian oversight on police actions in Ontario suggests that they are not yet ready ready for real change on this issue and the broader issue of racial equality.  The issue of civilian oversight in Ontario is inextricably linked to race.  Their failure to address this glaring social problem seriously undermines their recent public pronouncements on addressing the racial discrimination problem in Ontario facing African-Canadians.


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