Sunday, June 12, 2016

How Muhammad Ali Touched Me as a Boxer and as a Lawyer

     As a young man I was moved by Ali's boxing skills and bravado.
I sported his white shorts with black trim as a fighter. I danced, 
I jabbed and I often shot-off my mouth !

     Years later when I became a lawyer I was inspired by his frankness
and conviction for simple truths and justice knowing that the state would 
punish him for speaking them. Inspired by Ali - I write - I make legal 
submissions in court and before tribunals about fairness, natural justice
and The Rule of Law.  

     In punishing him the state amplified his message and made him much more
significant than itself.

     He forced the state to unwittingly live up to its own ideals and fundamental

     Long live the spirt of Muhammad Ali !

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