Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Mandi Gray in Her own Words:Post Zuker J. Conviction

     Five days following Justice Zuker's finding Mustafa Ururyar guilty of sexually assaulting Mandi Gray, Ms. Gray published an article in Now Magazine entitled - Mandi Gray: Six Lessons I Learned From My Rape Case.  Here are a few quotes from that article.

"On July 21, Justice Marvin Zuker found Mustafa Ururyar, the man who raped me in early 2015 guilty of one count of sexual assault."

"A guilty verdict in a rape trial is statistically rare, and in this instance is tied to the defence's basing its case solely on outdated rape myths in order to discredit and humiliate me as a promiscuous party girl and scorned, jilted and jealous ex-partner of the accused."

"5.   Be cautious about what you choose to disclose throughout the process.  Anything you discuss during the administration of the sexual assault evidence kit at the hospital or with a worker in the legal system (such as the Crown or the Victim-Witness Assistance Program) may be disclosed to your abuser and used as evidence."

       "For example, and "off-the record" meeting I had with the Crown and the investigating detective was later disclosed to the defence."

       "Unfortunately, Victim-Witness workers rarely tell victims that the notes they take of their conversations with you must be given to the Crown, who has a legal obligation to disclose to the accused's lawyer.  You can and should ask how and why the information being collected will be used.  The more information provided, the greater the likelihood that an inconsistency will emerge, providing defence lawyers with the opportunity to construct your story as not credible."

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