Friday, April 4, 2014

Ontario's Justices of the Peace Discipline Adjudicative Process Lacks Consistency

     Some months ago I wrote on the lack of consistency in the adjudicative process at Ontario's Human Rights Tribunal.  I noted that in some cases adjudicators assessed the credibility of witnesses and cited established legal principles on the subject while in others they did not.  I have been hard at work reviewing some of the decisions issued with respect to the adjudication of judicial misconduct complaints involving Ontario's justices of the peace and I have discovered that just like the HRTO the adjudicative process involving justices of the peace discipline cases suffers from the same glaring problem.

      In the coming days I will look into two recent noteworthy cases involving justices of the peace, namely,
Vernon A. Chang Alloy (2010) and Errol Massiah (2012).  

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