Saturday, May 31, 2014

A Catholic Lawyer's Prayer

Almighty God I pray for your guidance and protection as I discharge my duty as a lawyer.

 I cherish and take pride in this most honourable role that you have given me the
distinguished privilege to play in our free and democratic society.

 I am the guardian of my clients' rights and liberties.

 My clients look to me to assert their legal rights.

 I am sworn to protect my clients and The Rule of Law from government,
the police, tortfeasors and even the judiciary.

 The principle that the law must apply equally to all is my sword.

 Almighty God the discharge of my duty as a lawyer may give cause to observers and their
 supporters who wish to silence and harm me.  Almighty God protect me always from that cause.

 Almighty God I understand as a student of history that there is always a price which
accompanies  the fearless pursuit of justice and The Rule of Law.  Almighty God protect me from that agenda.

Amen !




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