Thursday, June 11, 2015

Justices of the Peace Review Council Changes Rules on Compensation May 14th, 2015

 Prior to the current prosecution of His Worship Errol Massiah the issue of the amount of compensation paid to justices of the peace to enable them to defend judicial misconduct complaints was for the most part a private matter.  Interested readers and members of the public can check their decisions and will see that panels simply recommended compensation. This practice is consistent with the recognized practice of the Attorney General to provide compensation in accordance with the financial security component of  judicial independence.

Justices of the Peace Review Council

Procedures Document

Revised May 14, 2015


After complaint disposed of

The Review Council’s consideration of the question of compensation shall take place in public if there was a public hearing into the complaint, and otherwise shall take place in private.

The hearing panel may recommend that the justice of the peace be compensated for all or part of the cost of legal services incurred in connection with the hearing.

subs. 11.1 (17)

Amount and payment

The amount of compensation recommended to be paid shall be based on a rate for legal services that does not exceed the maximum rate normally paid by the Government of Ontario for similar services.

subs. 11.1 (18)

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