Friday, May 12, 2017

Bill of Costs filed with the JPRC in JP Removal Case: Part 2 - Publication Ban Motion

July 25th, 2013 – Nov.4th, 2013
-Preparation and drafting of notice of motion seeking interim publication ban, including all research and fact-gathering and service and filing
- Communications with TorStar counsel, to and from clnt, co-counsel
- Drafting factum and compiling boa
- Review PC and Media Facta
- Attend hearing and make subs on pub ban – meet and update client (10 a – 12:55 p)

Total: 22.35 hrs @ $575 

NOTE: This is an excerpt of the Bill of Costs filed by counsel of record on behalf of J.P. 
Massiah with the Justices of the Peace Review Council. It is being published here as a community service in accordance with the fundamental principle that Justice Must be Seen to Be Done. The purpose of this motion was to protect my client's reputation until the legal question of the validity of the complaint against him was adjudicated.  That question was not adjudicated until January 12th, 2015. Publications in the mainstream press went unabated.  Each of the Toronto Star and the Toronto Sun ran at least five stories each.  Motions of this kind are routine in judicial misconduct proceedings - especially where there is a jurisdictional question on the legality of the
complaint.  The Toronto Star and The Toronto Sun were granted intervener status
on this motion by the Hearing Panel and were represented by Mr. Iain A. C. MacKinnon.  

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